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Jan 14th, 2020
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Hallmark 2024 Dreambox Giveaway Sean Ray 07/02/24 08:12 PM Update: Congratulations to Tricia Seitz-Wood for winning the July YuleLog Hallmark Dreambox giveaway!

I want to thank everyone who subscribed to the YouTube channel. We had an incredible turnout, and the drawing turned out to me much more competitive than I expected.

I will be planning more giveaways this year, so make sure you check the forums, your email and the YuleLog FacebookYuleLog Facebook for more details.


Hi YuleLoggers,

The July Ornament premiere is just around the corner!

YuleLog is happy to announce a chance to win a free 2024 Hallmark Dreambox. Simply subscribe (it's free!) to the YuleLog YouTube Channel between now and July 13.

New subscribers will be entered into a drawing for a chance to receive 1 (one) Hallmark Dreambox. The winner will be notified via YouTube and will have one week to claim their prize, shipping included.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

This year's Hallmark Dreambox includes:

  • Three club-exclusive Keepsake Ornaments: Ollie's Ornament Shoppe, miniature Ollie and miniature Lia.
  • Exclusive gifts from the Keepsake Studio, including a North Pole Miniature Ornaments Display Stand, Set of 25 Miniature Brass Ornament Hooks, Snowy Miniature Tree Skirt, a notebook and bookmark.
  • One $5 off $10 purchase coupon

The YuleLog YouTube channel posts videos related to all things Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. So far, I have an archive of about 500 videos available, from 2020 to 2024.

To see all of the videos featuring year 2024 Hallmark videos (there are about 100 posted so far!) check out this YouTube playlist:

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2024 Dream Book Ornaments Added to YuleLog for Web! Sean Ray 04/17/24 02:08 PM Hi YuleLoggers,

There has been so much excitement in the Hallmark collector community recently with the annual release of the Hallmark Dream Book.

Since this is the first full year YuleLog for Web has been up and running, I wanted to make sure YuleLog for Web users could immediately add 2024 Dream Book items to their wishlists.

If you open up your YuleLog for Web price guide, you will notice that over 400 new items have been added, most of which will be formally released by Hallmark in July or October. However, in the meantime, you can go ahead and add these items to your Collection. Be sure to set the status to "Wanted" so that they are added to your YuleLog Wish List!

To see a sample of this year's offering, I have put together a playlist on the YuleLog YouTube channel showcasing about 50 of the ornaments for which Hallmark put out promotional videos on their store page:

Note that these items will be updated later this year as more information becomes available, and more items not announced in the Dream Book will also be added.

Happy collecting!
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YuleLog for Android now in Alpha! Sean Ray 04/04/24 02:35 PM Hi YuleLoggers!

Since YuleLog for Web launched for both web browser at https://yulelog.app (and now https://yulelog.com) and for iOS, by far the most popular request I have received is:

Is there an Android version?

Until yesterday, I could only share that it was in development. As an Apple devotee (a trait that must have been passed down to me from my dad) I did not have much personal experience using Android, let alone developing apps for it. However, I really enjoyed learning about Android apps and working on an Android version of YuleLog.

Long story short - YuleLog is now in "Closed Testing" on the Google Play store.

This closed testing is (for the moment) invitation only. However, I am putting out a request for at least 20 Android + YuleLog for Web users out there who have active accounts to reach out to me at [email protected] or reply to this thread. I will send you an invitation link and you can start using YuleLog on your Android phones/tablets today.

This does not mean development will stop here - I still have some work to do before the app is ready for the Google Play Store. But I predict that will follow shortly.

Happy collecting!
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YuleLog for Web - March Updates Sean Ray 03/23/24 07:08 PM I am happy to start sharing the Price Guide updates I have made to the Price Guide. I rely on collectors just like you to help maintain the most accurate information possible for the YuleLog Price Guide. With over 15,000 items in the Hallmark catalog alone, this is quite a task, and one that gets more challenging each year.

Nevertheless, here are the March updates to the Hallmark YuleLog Price Guide:

Joe Theismann - QXI2282
  • series: Football Legends *

Star Trek Legends - QX9183
  • name: Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu

Jared Allen - QXI2739
  • series: Football Legends *

1943 M4A3 Sherman Tank - QXI3185
  • series: Classic American Cars *

2012 Chevrolet G4500 Ambulance - QXI3417
  • series: Classic American Cars *

1992 NR750 Honda Motorcycles - QXI3407
  • series: Honda Motorcycles *

1980 Honda GL1100 Gold Wing Interstate - QXI2461
  • series: Honda Motorcycles *

Festive French Horn - LPR3441

    2021 Ford Bronco - QXI7073
    • series: All American Trucks *

    2021 Ram 1500 - QXI7053
    • series: All American Trucks *

    2021 Ram 1500 - QXI7053
    • series: All American Trucks *

    Audrey and Russ Griswold - QXI7233

    Constance R. Goodwyn Repaint - LPR3683
    • artist: Joanne (Eschrich) Wright
    • boxPrice: 21.99

    E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - QXI7446

    Front Loader - QXI7353

    German Shorthaired Pointer - QXR9136

    Giddy Up, Santa! - QGO2416

    Glinda the Good Witch - QXI7203

    Go Tell It on the Mountain - QSM7843

    Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer - QGO2436

    Grogu Greetings - QXI7543

    Han Solo and Chewbacca - QXI7023

    Hitchhiking Ghosts - QXD6591

    Holiday Lighthouse - QXR9163

    Hoppy Halloween - QFO5316

    I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas - QGO2423

    It’s Glorious! - QXI7126

    Jack and Sally - QXD6523

    Jack Skellington - QXD6623

    Jack Skellington Wreath - QFM3343

    Jazzy, Snazzy Friends - QXR9273

    K.K. - QXI7566

    Kansas City Chiefs - QSR1131

    Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott - QXI7003

    Lieutenant Nyota Uhura - QXI7883

    Mermaid Barbie - QXI7266

    Mickey the Musician - QXD6536

    Miniature Bell Light String - QSB6235

    Miniature Halloween Light String - QFO5342

    Miniature Pearl Light String - QSB6245

    Miniature Tinsel Light String - QSB6242

    Mischievous Kittens - QXR9143

    My Heart is Home With You - QHX3003

    Obi-Wan Kenobi - QXI7916

    Olaf and Gale - QXD6546

    Oscar the Grouch Peekbuster - QXI7296

    Playful Penguins - QGO2463

    Pull-String Elephant - QGO2606

    Razor Crest - QXI7536

    Rocking Horse Memories Table Decoration - QFM3326

    A World Within - QXM9179
    • series: A World Within

    Maleficent - QXE327
    • boxnum: QXE3279

    Claus & Co. RR. - Gift Car - XPR9731
    • series: Claus & Co R.R. *

    Claus & Co. RR. - Passenger Car - XPR9732
    • series: Claus & Co R.R. *

    Claus & Co. RR. - Trestle - XPR9734
    • series: Claus & Co R.R. *

    Christmas Sky Line - Coal Car - QX5401
    • series: Christmas Sky Line

    Christmas Sky Line - Locomotive - QX5311
    • series: Christmas Sky Line

    Christmas Sky Line - Stock Car - QX5314
    • series: Christmas Sky Line

    Sew, Sew Tiny - QXM5794
    • barcode: 070000044366

    Luminara - QLX7525
    • name: Luminaria

    U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 Star Trek - QXI8557
    • series: Star Trek *

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    Website (yulelog.com) Updated Sean Ray 03/17/24 03:21 PM Hi YuleLoggers!

    If you navigate to yulelog.com, you might notice it looks much different than the homepage I have used for many years for YuleLog.

    Since 2022, I have essentially operated two websites in parallel:

    yulelog.com and yulelog.app

    These two domains will now be merged into one as I continue to ramp up YuleLog for Web in favor of YuleLog Legacy.

    What does this mean for collectors?

    YuleLog for Web

    If you're not familiar with YuleLog for Web, it is the latest and greatest version of YuleLog. Among its many benefits are:
    • Your collection is stored safely in the cloud. No more backup files necessary.
    • The Price Guide can be rapidly updated in real time - no more need to wait for the annual update cycle. Currently, I release updates each month. You can follow the updates here in the forums.
    • A dedicated mobile app for YuleLog on iOS and Android. Note: Android version is entering into a closed beta this month. If you're interested, send me an email at [email protected]
    • Custom reports that let you easily create and export reports - see only the fields you're interested in

    [Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

    YuleLog Legacy

    • This is the version YuleLog has released for many, many years. Most users probably started out using YuleLog Legacy. Hundreds of users have already migrated over.
    • I will continue to release the legacy version as long as I can. However, one of the reasons for developing YuleLog for Web is that the base software (Filemaker Runtime Solutions) for YuleLog Legacy is getting dated. There will come a day when modern operating systems will likely not support this base software any more.
    • Legacy users are strongly encouraged (but not required) to migrate to YuleLog for Web. I offer a free migration service to YuleLog for Web from YuleLog Legacy. All I require is your backup.fmp12 file.
    • To purchase the legacy version, there is a link called "YuleLog Legacy" on the home page of yulelog.com. You can also access the Shopify store page directly at this link.

    [Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

    To learn more about YuleLog for Web, please visit the FAQ.

    If you have absolutely any questions, please post here or send me an email at [email protected]

    Happy collecting!
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